Tips on How To Live Longer

A new study just released clearly points to four tips on how to live longer. People who followed all four healthy programs were at far lower risk compared with individuals who followed none: 93% lower risk for diabetes, 81% for a heart attack, 50% for a stroke and 36% for cancer.

Here are the four tips on how to live longer:

1. Regular physical exercise, essential to optimal health. The study recommends at least 3 � hours per week. There’s no excuse for not doing this one. It can be Free. Walking is Free. Running or Jogging is Free. After you get a bicycle, biking is Free. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is Free. There are some walking groups for Seniors, and in the malls that are also Free.

2. Eat healthy foods is elementary to living a healthy life. We all learn the basics in school. The four food groups. I grew up with meat, starch, vegetables and dairy. But that is not the way to eat healthily. What one needs to do is focus on fruits and vegetables, add a minimum amount of red meat, and cut down on sugar and refined flowers (anything white). In case you haven’t heard, eggs are good for you again. Dairy too is important, but watch out for the calories here. And don’t forget the value of water. Did you know that often when you think you are hungry, you are just dehydrated and need some water? So next time you feel hungry, try drinking some water and see if that satisfies you.

3. Don’t smoke seems to be key to optimum health. If you have never smoked, your life expectancy is already higher than those that have smoked – even if they have stopped. In the study, people who had never smoked and who maintained a BMI under 30 had a 72% reduction of chronic disease People who never smoked reduced heart attack risk the most of all four factors.

4. Avoid becoming obese is important to living a healthy life. A BMI under 30 lowered overall disease risks the most – particularly for diabetes. They study goes into the BMI index of the participants. Well, I say the BMI. You know when the pants you wore last year don’t fit. You know when you have to buy new clothes because you can’t button last season’s clothes. Come on, get mad at yourself. And make yourself get fit. Did you hear that guy on the biggest loser show saying he would stop and eat three hamburgers on the way home to dinner? Yikes! How about only getting one hamburger before dinner – just for starters. Well, you get the picture. It’s time to cut down – not out.


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